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Event & Corporate photography pricing

Events photography and videography is not the normal 'cookie cutter' packages.


Because every event is so vastly different, this makes it almost impossible in Johannesburg to have a standard price list. However there are some guidelines we have listed below.


But you can always contact us to let us know more about your next event.



We photograph a lot of events in and around Johannesburg.

As professional photographers, we have learnt that almost every single event is different. 

A rule of thumb on pricing is +- R2850 for the 1st hour, and +- R1850 per hour thereafter.

We would love to hear whats happening at your next event so get in touch so we can quote you accordingly, so contact us today.


When it comes to videography, this is much different from photos.

Some events may require a 60 second highlight reel, with no audio.

Other events may require a much longer film, with audio, interviews...this changes the post production time a lot more, it also increases the amount of gear or videographers on the day.

In order for us to quote you correctly, we would need to know what you are looking for in terms of deliverables so we can quote you accordingly, so contact us today.

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