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Hollyland #FeelMyCitySounds Competition

Honestly, brands across the world have embraced the change and are supporting creators across the globe!

Hollyland was no exception...they launched a competition (Closing 20 July for entries), with cash and gear prizes worth well over R500 000 rand!

The winner walks away with a load of gear AND R280 000 in cash!

Not to mention there are still 4 other prize categories all with a load of gear and cash prizes ranging from R30 000 to R140 000!

What is it you ask, they wanted creators from across the globe to create their own sound effects, actually record your city, your life, the love you share, moments, real life is for you!

And then create a Behind The Scenes look at how you created this.

So firstly, here is our entry video:

This was our Behind the Scenes at how we created it, prepare to get your mind blown how crazy sound effects can be :)


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