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Our Vanilla Lace Wedding Dress Store

It was towards the end of 2014 when we decided that our photography in the wedding industry was fun and enjoyable, Michelle had studied make up and bridal make up and photography became a sort after package. It allows us to often negotiate somewhat better rates when a combined packaged was taken from us.

With our own wedding in February 2015 we realised that the wedding dress store which we found so inviting and elegant was something we couldnt resist and we had to open it as soon as possible.

And now the day has arrived, Vanilla Lace Bridal Boutique is here and we plan to service every bride looking for perfect and premium wedding dresses in Johannesburg.

With negotiaions with the Lady Marmalaide and Demetrios South Africa head office, we soon found ourselves opening our store as quick as possible and as elegant as possible.

Our Vanilla Lace Boutique has the 3 gorgeous dress 'designers', Demetrios, Cosmobella and OreaSposa. Over and above these 3 collections, we still stock our exclusive and elegant collection, Vanilla Lace.

The quality is untouchable and the look is beyond elegant. With our photography being a preium product, it wouldnt be complimentary if we didnt obtain the highest quality dresses a bride could find.

So...the famous and everyday question..."Why did you open a dress shop too?"

The answer is simple, "Service!".

Now that we offer 3 of the most important services to a bride in the wedding industry, it allows us to pour absolute focus into that bride and it allows us to work with brides through there budgets, what do we mean, here is a just a rough example:

We take a brides budget for her dress, photography and make up.

If possible, we can take our services and try make the entire budget fulfilled with a premium product, whether we need to discount our photography or make up, we will try our best, however not compomising on losing quality on that one piece every bride wants perfect...her dress!

As a recently married couple we know that service...and LESS STRESS for your wedding day is EVERYTHING. We tell all our clients, theres only one vendor/supplier with you on your wedding day and thats your photographer. Knowing that your photographer, make up artist and dress supplier will be spending the entire day with couldnt be more perfect.

So with open hearts, huge smiles and enormous amounts of love and passion to the wedding industry, we ask you to join in on our venture into the wedding industry, and more importantly, your day!

For the social media fans here are links to our pages and profiles:

Here is a sneak peak trailer to our new store :) more to follow.

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