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Elmone's Model Shoot

What feels like the other day was almost 6 months ago, we photographed a young lady named Kayla Oosthuizen, her shoot was gorgeous and we truly had a blast, little did we know she had a younger sister that was also out of this world.

So on the 30th of October we met Elmone, but before her shoot we always had the idea of Hundreds and Thousands stuck to lips, that glamourous fashion without delay and make up done (Make Up by Michelle), lips prepped and filled with Hundreds and Thousands we got shooting.

When we were done we took a trip to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. If you have never visited the gardens we strongly suggest you do, its filled with people having picnics, extremely relaxing and for those that are looking for relaxing, there are no ball sports allowed, so you wont be slapped accross the face whilst on your romantic date :)

So...enough of the gardens, heres some photos from Elmone's shoot...and we couldnt help ending it with a Wide Angle Client Selfie :)

Hundreds and Thousands lips
Fashion shoot Johannesburg
Glamour Johannesburg
cute styled fashion
model shoot Johannesburg
natural light photography
short denims fashion
cute model Johannesburg
Client Selfie

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