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Jason and Adriette's Pre-Wedding Shoot

Yamaha R1, Pre-Wedding shoot and a "mini R1"...yes when we heard it we were so excited!

The first time we met Jason and Adriette was at our client meeting with them, they wanted to book us for their big wedding day in February 2015. We all clicked and just had such a great time in the meeting. When they told us their idea for their pre-wedding shoot...we were so keen. Our love for bikes, sports and photography together is a recipe for awesomeness!

On the 7th of September 2014 we met at an underground parking lot at Cradlestone had a "little" surprise for the cutest little kid, little did, and does little Markus know that the mini R1 is actually his Christmas present, luckily Markus wont be reading this blog or else we would be huge spoilers :)

After the parking lot we stopped by a narrow little road to capture some natural outdoor moments.

Here are some of the images from Jason and Adriettes pre-wedding shoot.

J & A-7.jpg
J & A-25.jpg
J & A-38.jpg
J & A-18.jpg
J & A-49.jpg
J & A-30.jpg
J & A-59.jpg
J & A-65.jpg
J & A-72.jpg
J & A-78.jpg
J & A-98.jpg
J & A-81.jpg
J & A-85.jpg
J & A-90.jpg
J & A-101.jpg

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