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Derick and Patience Pre-Wedding shoot at Avianto

We met with Patience and Derick midway in 2014. The first thing we noticed was there truly fun and perfect personalities. They are an absolute match made in heaven.

They were getting married on the 23rd of August 2014 and we were super excited for their big day. One of the photos from the pre-wedding shoot was going to be printed on canvas and used for guests to sign on. With that we needed to take a photo with a lot of space but still make the couple pop. What better place than Avianto Wedding Venue.

We decided to do the shoot at 2 locations, the first being a more street style feel, and the 2nd at Avianto.

Here are a few images from their gorgeous pre-wedding shoot...we will be blogging their wedding soon :) keep an eye out.

(the first image was the image used on the canvas)

Avianto engagement shoot
pre wedding shoot
Johannesburg wedding photographer
pre wedding shoot by RICH Photography
couples photography
johannesburg pre wedding shoot
DSC_8112 bw.jpg

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