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Andrew and Shannons Engagement Party

Well, this is an interesting one...

A fellow photographer named Shannon (Shay King Photography) contacted us to second shoot with her at an engagment party she was to shoot, unfortunately for the date of the party her usual second photographer was not able to assist...we werent booked, so we thought why not, engagement party, rooftop, Sandton, The Venue...DEFINITELY!

Arriving at The Venue, Shannon introduced me to one of the ladies at the party that she had been in contact with about the shoot...her name was...Shannon. What are the chances you might say. So Shannon then introduced the "bride to be", you guessed it...Shannon!

3 Shannons at one event, they say 3 is a lucky charm, so the event begun, the photographing begun and that lucky charm definitely shined through all these photos. The Venue has such a perfect atmosphere and ambience, the lighting, the colours and the high ceilings really create such a great party vibe...and this engagement party was definitely one to be remembered.

Shannon and Andrew (Bride and Groom to be) were such an amazing couple to work with, they were so chilled, relaxed and truly just seemed so happy about life. Shannon and Andrew will be tying the knot in 2015, hopefully we will be capturing another special day in their lives.

One of the shots we snapped was a really cool composite image on the rooftop, we posted it to some of our social media sites a few days later to which it just boomed with popularity. Enjoy the shots from this awesome Engagement Party.

The Venue rooftop
Engagement party decor
The Venue Sandton
Shannon and Andrew
Mom and her daughters
The Venue
The Venue
Engagement Party
Shannon and Andrew
The ring
Shannons surprise birthday cake
Event speeches
Andrew and Shannon
The Groom to be
Sandton Event
Events Photography
Engagement Party Photography
The Venue, Sandton

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