3 May 2016

In 2015 we met this gorgeous lady named Shelly at our bridal boutique Vanilla Lace, Shelly was looking for a perfect wedding dress to wed her handsome hubby.


Shelly found a gorgeous gown at our store, and like most clients, she soon learned that we do full packages wit...

22 Mar 2016

Deciding on where to do your engagement or couple shoot can be a tricky task.  In the Gauteng region you have an almost unlimited choice of locations...yes some locations are not as safe as others, so chat to your photographer.

There is so many things to take into consi...

29 Jan 2015

There are various styles of wedding photography, Im not referring to different image styles such as flash, natural light etc.  
Im talking about posing people, setting it up VS the photo journalistic style.

Here’s a brief outline of the two…keep in mind, there is no w...