Rich - RICH Photography
Mar 14, 2017

A full Behind the Scenes shoot!

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If you've ever wondered how the flow of a shoot runs from start to finish, this video is exactly that!


I took my brand new Specialized P3 dirt jumper (Mountain bike) to a quiet little 'country road' and had a fun time capturing great shots with Michelle.


Jul 3

These photos deserve attention. Without a doubt, this work is very good. I managed to emphasize a lot of details that can be used in the work.

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  • Rich - RICH Photography
    Feb 4, 2018

    Ah what can we say, our most awaited trip each year is our Model Road Trip, a load of fun, sun, photo shoots and laughs. The 2017 Model Road Trip to Sun City was everything it should be and we loved will absolutely love the Night Shoots we did in the pool, the basic flash set up and dragging your shutter to let as much ambient light in as possible, it makes all the difference, take a look!!
  • Rich - RICH Photography
    May 29

    Hertford Lodge is an awesome wedding venue...and vlogging it with an awesome couple sounded like a great idea, so here it is, our first wedding vlog, with so much more to follow. We tried to create a fresh little Behind the Scenes feel without intruding on the couples day, we hope to inspire you guys! We hope this little behind the scenes look gives you an idea as to how we work :)
  • Rich - RICH Photography
    Dec 5, 2017

    This was such a quick and fun little project with MakeUp and Hair by Michelle. Sexy styled purple makeup with some black lace....followed by a ring light for a studio styled shoot with a purple gel in the background and a pretty outdoors shoot. Here's a quick little video followed by some images for you to see. Studio Set up : Ring Light on subject, flash facing the background with a purple gel. Outside Set up : Lightpod on subject either camera left or camera right. Editing : Completed in Lightroom.