Mastering Flash

Using your flash can be a tough and intimidating experience. We've got some awesome tips and secrets you should know.

Rich - RICH Photography
Oct 28

Well, is LED lights better than flash...the answer isn't that simple, so here's some pros and cons for you to make the easiest decision. Pros: Controlled light, it is SO easy to see your final shot, a
Rich - RICH Photography
Aug 21, 2017

Let's hear where you biggest struggle is with flash? Although we have numerous tips and tricks coming up we would love to hear from you. Perhaps its during the day, maybe wedding receptions, poorly li
Rich - RICH Photography
May 25

Wedding receptions can be scary to say the least, with the battle of DJ lights, dark lit rooms, poor lighting, ambience and just a whole bunch of terror. As a firm believer that says use natural light