Rich - RICH Photography
Feb 6, 2018

That Orange and Teal look - Do it in Lightroom!

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We've all seen that orange and teal look, in almost every travel vlog/video, every professional instagram profile and all high end cinematic movies.


Between downloading all the luts for videos, learning and understanding them, we found the SIMPLEST way that you can make you cinematic look in Lightroom to your photos AND video!


Check this out.


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  • Rich - RICH Photography
    Jun 13

    We took an in depth jump into the different ways to use the Adjustment Brush showing you exactly how it works, and what to do...grab a cup of coffee and we hope to inspire you with new ways you can learn the adjustment brush.
  • Rich - RICH Photography
    Aug 22

    Lightroom is filled with so many sliders, dropdowns and settings, but you dont understand the first Basic Settings going to be lost, so we simplified it into a nice short tutroial JUST focusing on 1 tab. Each week there will be a new video showing each setting, breaking lightroom down into small bite size chunks...we hope you enjoy this one!
  • Rich - RICH Photography
    Sep 27, 2017

    As a photographer, it makes me cringe everytime I see poorly uploaded photos to Facebook, but what is even worse, is when a fellow photographer uploades incorrectly optimised images. photographers we are the trend setters, people look to us as inspiration, and we should always be uploading the clearest possible images for our clients to view and ideally have them book us. So how difficult is it? Its actually insanely easy, Lightroom makes it so simple, especially if you are batch exporting, or even just 1 or 2 images. Once you have edited your images and you export them in the usual 'full res' you do for your clients, I generally select my favourites for Facebook, I then export these into a Facebook Folder. The first time you ever do this will take a minute or 2, everytime there after is literally like clicking 3 tick boxes. So this is the set up (see screenshot below) this ONLY applies to the first time . Go to the Image Sizing tab, tick the Resize to Fit box, choose the drop and select 'Long Edge', then enter '2048' by the pixels, this will ensure that the long edge is 2048 pixels. Keep the resolution at 299 ppi. Then the very next tab is Output Sharpening, tick the 'Sharpen For' box, select screen and change the Amount dropdown to 'High'. Click export and everythings done, your image size is perfectly optimised. What makes it so easy is when you are NOT exporting for Facebook just untick the boxes, and when you do want to export FOR Facebook, you just tick them again, none of the settings within that Tab changes. * Remember to untick these tabs when exporting full res images for your clients. ** Always remember to post images from your Computer and NOT your phone, Facebook downscales images from a mobile device a lot more than a PC.